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mats to PLAY !


Cricket mats are artificial pitches used for practicing cricket. They can be used for indoor or outdoor practice, and for clubs to have an all-weather wicket. 

We provide Natural Fiber Cricket Mats that gives good grip.


Available in  6 ft, 8 ft width & 50 ft, 60ft length/long.

In cricket, a "mat" refers to the playing surface, specifically the pitch where the bowler delivers the ball to the batsman. The term "mat" is often used to describe the condition or quality of the pitch, such as "matting pitch" or "matting wicket," which may refer to a type of playing surface made of rolled matting material. Matting pitches are commonly found in certain regions and are known for their unique characteristics and playing conditions.

Available in natural fibers with any colors

The ultimate cricket matting range guaranteed to provide you with the most realistic artificial wicket providing real match situation scenarios - only at Net World Sports.

With a range of professional standard cricket matting suitable for schools, clubs and indoor facilities, the Net World Sports cricket matting range stocks products for every type of cricket facility.

We understand how important a top-quality pitch is to cricket clubs, with the amount of games and frustrating weather, it’s not always possible to have the perfect cricket surface in every facility. Which is why we have developed an extensive range of the highest quality cricket matting.

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